Chevrolet Emblem - What does it mean? - The History of the Chevy Logo!

Every wondered what the Chevrolet Emblem means?  Well, there is a story behind it - just like all the other car companies!


Chevrolet Emblem Meaning

Ok all of you 'American" only people - brace yourself.  This rugged Built-In-America brand got their inspiration for this logo from the French!  There are many stories out there of the exact origin of it, but the most reliable one that I could find out there was that the co-founder of Chevy (William Durant) was staying at a hotel in Paris and this was the pattern on the wallpaper.  Yup....true story.  Sorry..

If you are interested in what a bunch of other car manufacturers emblems mean, you can checkout all of my blogs.  You might have to scroll through them...but they are all there...and all VERY interesting!:

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Comment by Jim on May 2, 2011 at 9:06am

Looks like you may have fallen for a little bit of urban legend. Here's the real story.



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