Cadillac Emblem - What does it mean? The History of the Cadillac Logo!

Every wondered what the Cadillac Emblem means?  Well, there is a story behind it - just like all the other car companies!


Cadillac Emblem Meaning

The Cadillac Emblem is actually a family coat of arms: Antoine de La Mothe, sier de Cadillac, who - even more impressively - founded Detroit in 1701!  The colors in the emblem have different meanings as well.  Silver is for purity, Red is for boldness and Blue is for valor.  The Cadillac emblem has been used since 1905 and has never once changed. 


If you are interested in what a bunch of other car manufacturers emblems mean, you can checkout all of my blogs.  You might have to scroll through them...but they are all there...and all VERY interesting!:


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