Chrysler Emblem - What does it mean? - The History of the Chrysler Logo!

Every wondered what the Chrysler Emblem means?  Well, there is a story behind it - just like all the other car companies!


Chrysler Emblem Meaning

The Chrysler logo has undergone one makeover.  Interestingly enough, they kept the original logo and put it in the center of the 'wings'.  The original emblem embedded in this is a rendition of a wax seal and shows a ribbon on the lower right corner.  If you look at it more closely the lines that look like thunderbolts are actually Z's and is a tribute to their former chief engineer, Fred Zeder.


If you are interested in what a bunch of other car manufacturers emblems mean, you can checkout all of my blogs.  You might have to scroll through them...but they are all there...and all VERY interesting!:

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