Curious which cars are among the most stolen out there?  It might just change your purchasing behavior, or at least get you to buy full coverage insurance!!  


The first time since 2002 SIX of the top ten most stolen vehicles were domestic brands.  Yikes, not good!  Ford was the winner at taking three top spots, then Dodge then Chevy.  


But for those of you who are 100% American made fans, don't worry - the top spot is still foreign...and that is the 1994 Honda Accord., followed by the 1995 Honda Civic and the 1991 Toyota Camery.  


Here is the top 10 list:


1)  1994 Honda Accord

2)  1995 Honda Civic

3)  1991 Toyota Camry

4)  1999 full-sized Chevy Pickups

5)  1997 Ford F-150 pickup

6)  2004 Dodge Ram

7)  2000 Dodge Caravan

8)  1995 Acura Integra

9)  2002 Ford Explorer

10) 1999 Ford Taurus


There you are - the top ten most stolen vehicles!

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Comment by Steve on August 4, 2011 at 8:49am

Some of this goes to having more cars available TO steal.   More sales = more cars out there to be stolen.  And more to the point...more cars out there in need of replacement parts that can be supplied by the chop-shops.  So this makes sense except maybe for the Acura Integra on that list...maybe they are stolen for all the parts that are shared with Honda's?


Comment by Andrew on August 4, 2011 at 8:54am
Good point...and probably true.  Not sure where to find data for each car to see the numbers sold for each of those models/years
Comment by Melissa Curtin on August 5, 2011 at 1:17am
A little late night gear gathering :)  Steve's point is very true :) I just read this fascinating book by Malcolm Gladwell called What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures and he says the same thing, but in regards to dogs and percentage that kill a person each year and what the type of dogs are each year....The author (Blink, Tipping Point) basically says it depends on the year because some years there are a higher percentage of a certain kind of dog being owned...just like the cars, the more of that kind of dog as a pet, is the reason there is more dogs in that breed killing... It's one of the many chapters.


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